dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Slow photography et Flickr

New Media And Vernacular Photography, Revisiting Flickr,
by Susan Murray
in The photographic Image in Digital Culture, 2013 Second Edition, edited by Martin Lister

"In response to the proliferation of online photo-sharing since Facebook's ta(ocial media, a "slow photography" movement has develope that likens itself to the"slow food" movement. Although apparently small in number, members of the slow photography argue that digital photography, in the manner it is most often practised, has become too focused to the accumulation of massive amounts of photos and lacks the deliberative and careful focus that, they believe, was at the heart of much film photography of the past. In an article Slate in 2011, author and amateur photographer Tim Wu articulated a definition of the movement. (...)"
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"(...) Whether or not the slow photography movement has any real legs or is even a valid critique of the current state of digital image making, it is still an interesting (and some might say fairly predictable) development at a time in which the practice of photography has become so very altered by digital platforms and social networking software. It reveals an anxiety about the proliferation and usse of photographic images in the era of the digital that has less to do with content or privacy issues and more to do with the desire to return to an idealized, engaged, and attentive visual process. This attentiveness or slowness has surely existed in the history of photography, but the photo produced has also been the goal. Slow photography therefore is not so much about a return as yet another redefition within digital practice. (...)"

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