dimanche 18 novembre 2012

Slow Photography Movement

Dreamscapes : Slow Photography Movement

"My new quest in life is to create a slow photography movement, not unlike the slow food movement.  I’ve noticed a somewhat alarming trend in recent years, especially during 2011/12.  Yesterday as I made my way home along a slow, winding dirt road in central Vermont I listened to a story on NPR about campaign ads, most specifically online ads.  The report stated that during the ’08 campaign YouTube viewers watched 1 billion minutes of Obama campaign videos online, that’s a collective 2,000 years worth!  The point was that media is being generated and consumed at an unprecedented rate and volume and in the case of advertising can be modified and redistributed rapidly depending on effectiveness using real time data."

Author: Kurt Budliger
Source: Dreamscapes

samedi 17 novembre 2012

Slow photography rebellion

In photography, we're at the dawn of a new rebellion. Doing slow photography for our art and personal images means taking on an attitude of awareness. Slow Photography is also an ideology, an emerging movement, and a rebellion in how we make our photos. Slow photography seeks sanity, savoring a mindful photography process. It also tries to avoid putting the photographer, other people, animals, and nature at risk.
Slow photography offers a sane way for film and digital photographers to think about photography. It is not about gear. We can do slow photos with 8 x 10 “instant” Polaroid, with 8" by 10" and larger plates, with Impossible Film, with medium format, 35mm, Instax, iPhone, Instagram, with an iPhone slow photography housing — whatever gear you choose is fine because equipment is not at all the point of the SPR.

Author: Jim Austin MA
Source: Film photography project

dimanche 11 novembre 2012

One picture a day...

"One picture a day, keeps the doctor away!"

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